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Fundraising Step-by-Step


Set a goal. How much money would your organization like/need to raise? Remember, for every $6.00 bag you sell, you keep $1.80. For every $10.00 bag you sell, you keep $3.00.

Develop a plan. Calculate how many bags of kettle corn each member of your group needs to sell in order to reach your goal.

Make a Schedule. Plot your Planning, Promotion, Launch, Fund Drive and Conclusion dates.

Contact us. We'll provide you with free, customized, color order-taker forms so you can begin collecting orders. If you need more, we'll have extra order-taker forms available on our website. Click here to see an example of an order-taker form (example in .pdf format).

Receive your kettle corn. We provide free delivery of your fresh-popped kettle corn to any location within 25 miles of Lafayette, Indiana.

Deliver the kettle corn to your supporters.


The more pre-planning you do, the more successful your Fund Drive will be.

If your sellers are kids, send letters/flyers home to parents outlining and announcing your Fund Drive plan.

Have a pep rally to kick-off your Fund Drive.

A two-week sales time-frame is optimum.

Set individual sales goals for each seller.

Pre-paid orders make delivery of the kettle corn easier.

Contact us at k e t t l e c o r n@longhousefarm.com (remove spaces in "kettlecorn" when emailing) with questions you may have; we're glad to help!


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