Welcome to LongHouse Farm

Our mission...born May, 2003

This was our mission statement, created in 2003...18 years ago. We've since discontinued our CSA - a coupla girls got older and our backs got tired. We have continued making our varieties of popcorn and selling them at the downtown Lafayette, Indiana Farmer's Market. We also make and sell organic pasta, maple syrup and jam made with organic suger. We believe we've accomplished our mission and perpetuate it as much as possible.

What do we want to do?

We want to grow and sell vegetables, herbs and fruits using the most natural of means possible.

We want to create and sell by-products of our crops such as jams and jellies.

We want to include and share our values in all business decisions.

We want to earn a modest profit.
We want to be kind to the earth.

Why do we want to do this?

We want to create a physically and mentally healthy work environment.

We want to work within a creative, fun, casual, yet professional business setting.

We want to work with the earth growing, preparing, eating and distributing fresh, naturally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs.

We want the freedom to create our own business.

We want to apply all the skills and talents we've obtained from our years of professional experiences, and our education into a business venture we love.

We want to create a business that provides balance in our lives.

What about Kettle Corn?
Kettle Corn hit like a lightning bolt while driving through the rural midwest in May, 2004. Four weeks later, after some serious research, we bought the kettle and gear. We had some friends over and popped our first batch on the back patio. It was amazing...we were all instantly addicted to the stuff. We popped at our first Farmer's Market on June 19, 2004.
The idea began as a way to financially supplement the farm, our first love. Well, it has taken-on a life and love of its own. And we approach it as we do everything... quality interlaced with customer service. We are growing our popcorn business with every batch we pop, and we're having big fun doing it!



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