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100% pure Maple Syrup, a family tradition since 1938

LongHouse Farm is the exclusive Indiana distributor for Middleton’s Maple Farm 100% pure maple syrup. Barb Middleton, CEO of LongHouse Farm and Lafayette native, and partner Nancy Strack bring this tasty, all natural product to Lafayette through the Lafayette, Indiana and West Lafayette, Indiana Sagamore West Farmer's Markets from the family’s maple grove in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

According to Middleton, “Our grandfather started making maple syrup in 1938 hanging buckets by hand on over 4000 maple trees, some of which are hundreds of years old. The sap was collected by dumping the buckets into a horse-drawn gathering tank. The horses have been replaced with a tractor, but the gathering is still done the same way." The gentleman who bought the business from our grandfather is now gone. My brother, Jim Middleton (a 1963 graduate of Lafayette Jeff and member of the school’s Hall of Fame) just couldn’t let the business die and decided in his retirement to bring it back to its full glory.

It is with great pride that we bring to Lafayette, what we believe to be, is the best maple syrup you’ll ever taste...on ice cream, in coffee, and of course, on pancakes and waffles!

Click here to see some pictures of Jim & Barb making Maple syrup in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.



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