Welcome to LongHouse Farm

Our Dream, our Canvas


The idea of starting the farm began about seven years ago when we realized that to live better, we needed to eat better...and that meant organic. We read Eliot Coleman's book The New Organic Grower and became enlightened to the philosophy of bio-regional farming and intrigued with starting a market farm here in Indiana . We've always had a back yard herb and vegetable garden, and for the past few years we've learned to truly appreciate the freshness and amazing flavor of naturally grown food. What fruits and vegetables we don't grow, we try to purchase from our local Farmer's Market. And, we also love to cook. What better way to prepare your meals than to use incredibly fresh ingredients picked from your own garden?


After two years of driving the Indiana back roads, we found our thirteen acres of slightly rolling farmland just outside of Dayton, Indiana. We purchased it in May 2003 and continued to lease it to a commercial farmer until we could put our plans on paper. In the fall of 2004, we decided it was time to reclaim the soil. We've planted red clover (a green manure) to begin to turn the soil back to its organic state.

Once we had the land, we put our dreams, vision and goals for creating our own business; an organic fruit and vegetable farm, on paper. We also began reading, researching and putting Barb's recently earned MBA to good use.

OK, so what's the "canvas" thing about? The canvas is our land. It is very large rectangle of prime Indiana farmland upon which we will create, grow and nurture our farm, your farm.


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